What does the status update in the e-mail means?
How to cancel an order?
Can i buy the goods in a real shop?
When the courier is delivering the stock?
What is the delivery period?
Is the delivery free or paid?
How the delivery is made?
Deliveries are made by courier to the address specified in the contract. If you want to receive your order by TekTreyd stores in Varna, which is available on the product or the office of the courier company "Speedo" in cities where they have representation, as it can be noted in the comment box when you place an order . Upon receipt of the goods on site (from the office of TekTreyd or "Speed" is paying the price for delivery specified in the contract).
Can i cancel my order?
 If no payment is received for an order paid for by wire transfer or check, the order is suspended in our system. The product will not be delivered. We will remind you about this open order by e-mail, so that you can either make a payment or cancel the order yourself using the link contained in the e-mail.

We generally reserve the right to withdraw from the contract in the case of non-payment.

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